The Gravedigger's Wife
(Guled & Nasra)
Film, 2021
A story about the misfortune and struggles of a family living in Djibouti.
Winner of the 2021 AMAA Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Production Design
Nominated for the Finnish 2022 Jussi Award for Best Production Design
TV Series, 2020–
Political thriller about a UN peace negotiator's final job and its unexpected turns.
Shadow Lines
TV Series, 2019–
1950s Cold War spy thriller where local secret agents do their best to balance between US and Soviet operatives.
Arctic Circle
TV Series, 2018–
Police crime drama set in Lapland, where a series of murders leads the investigators towards something even worse.
Land of Hope
(Oma Maa)
Film, 2018
Historical romantic drama set in Finland near the end of World War II.
Winner of the Finnish 2019 Jussi Award for Best Production Design
Vares: The Sheriff
(Vares – Sheriffi)
Film, 2015
Nordic crime thriller revolving around a rebellious private investigator and his latest case.
Film, 2014
Sports-themed drama about the dreams of a young basketball player from a poor neighbourhood.
Channel Four News Studio
(Nelosen uutisten studio)
TV, 2012
Set design for the Finnish Channel Four news studio.
Film, 2008
Horror mystery film set in 16th century Finland, at the end of the Russo-Swedish War.
Winner of the Finnish 2009 Jussi Award for Best Production Design

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